GE General Electric TM2010 100 Amp 120/240v 20 Space Type 1 Indoor TM2010 24" x 15 5/16" Door


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GE General Electric TM2010CCU 100 Amp 120/240v 20 Space Type 1

The GE General Electric TM2010 is a 100 amp, 120/240v indoor load center with 20 spaces and a Type 1 enclosure. Its compact 24"x15 5/16" design makes it perfect for smaller spaces. This load center provides reliable and efficient electricity distribution for residential and commercial buildings.

TM2010 24" x 15 5/16"

Front Cat # TM20DC

Fits: TM2010, CCPL12, TM2010CCU, TM2010CCU2K, TM2010CCUPL4, TM2010CCUBK1

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