The term reconditioned was clarified in the 2020 NEC. There, Article 100 defines reconditioned as: Electromechanical systems, equipment, apparatus, or components that are restored to operating conditions.
Q- Does my Breaker come with a warranty? 
A- Yes,All our items come with a 30 Day warranty From Date of Purchase, Please see our Terms and Conditions Page, 

- I have Installed my AFI Breaker, but it trips immediately when I turn it on.What are some potential reasons for this?

- When you are installing an AFI or GFI breaker it is very important that you make sure you Identify the Neutral wire that goes with the circuit, this neutral wire will need to be connected to the breaker and removed from the neutral/ground bar, failing to do so will cause the breaker to not work correctly and trip immediately.

- Have the breakers listed on this site been tested for any defects and correct operation?

- Yes, all of our breakers go through a thorough inspection to guarantee that they are working properly before being listed.

- Do any of the S&S breakers come with a warranty?

- Yes, all used breakers come with a 30 day warranty, from the date of purchase.


QI currently have a QOM2200VH breaker installed in my load center. I want to downgrade main breaker to 100amps. Was wondering if the qom2100vh would work for that. Same dimensions etc??

A-Yes  As Long as you are swapping out the breaker with the Same Frame type breaker you can decrease the amperage.