Eaton BRP20L125R Outdoor Main Lug Panel 125a 120/240vac 40 Cir. 20 Space NEMA 1

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Eaton BRP20L125R Outdoor Main Lug Panel 125A 120/240VAC 40 Cir. 20 Space NEMA1

Quick, easy and clean describe the new plug-on neutral design attributes offered by Eaton. Time saving features offer a quick installation equating to less time on the job. Designed to maximize installation efficiency and to provide additional convenience allowing for an easy installation. New features that help ensure an aesthetically clean and professional installation.

  • Amperage rating: 125 Amp
  • Cover: cover included
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1
  • Interrupt rating: 10 kAIC
  • Bus material: aluminum
  • Used with: type BR 1 in. breakers
  • BR type plug-on neutral breaker box eliminates the pigtail connection providing time and labor savings
  • Dedicated neutral bus for breaker connection
  • In-board neutral bar increases gutter space to allow for professional installation of conductors
  • Backed out neutral screws allows for quick connection of neutral and ground conductors
  • Optimized knockout locations for additional access and easier to remove
  • Self-leveling tabs allow for quick drywall offset and helps simplify installation
  • Keyhole hanging feature allows for ease of cover installation for both top and bottom feed applications
  • Rigid cover spine provides strength when twist outs are removed allowing for easier removal
  • 21.00" H x 14.31"W x 3.88" D

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