(1) Arlington 935NM Anybody Pvc 5-In-1 Conduit Body 2"


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The Arlington 935NM is a versatile non-metallic conduit body that serves multiple purposes. Here are the key details about it:

  • Description: The 935NM is a non-metallic conduit body that combines five different configurations in one unit. It ships as an LB (pull elbow) but can be easily converted to the following styles:
    • T (Tee)
    • LL (Pull Elbow with a straight-through configuration)
    • LR (Pull Elbow with a right-angle configuration)
    • C (Pull Elbow with a 90-degree bend)
  • Trade Size: 2 inches
  • Material: Made of durable plastic (PVC)
  • Included Components:
    • 1 Non-Metallic Body
    • 3 Flanges
    • 4 Cover Plates
    • 1 Access Cover Gasket
    • 1 Access Cover

This innovative conduit body provides flexibility for various installation scenarios, making it a convenient choice for electricians and contractors. Whether you need an LB, T, LL, LR, or C configuration, the Arlington 935NM has you covered!

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