Condor CP1202 Power Supply IN: 100/120/220/230/240vac 2.4/2/1.2/1A OUT: 20v/4A


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The Condor CP1202 power supply is designed to convert input voltages from various sources into a stable output for electronic devices:

  • Input Voltage Options:

    • The power supply can accept input voltages from different regions:
      • 100/120VAC (for North America and some other countries)
      • 220/230/240VAC (for Europe and other regions)
    • The input current ratings are as follows:
      • 100VAC: 2.4A
      • 120VAC: 2A
      • 220VAC: 1.2A
      • 230/240VAC: 1A
  • Output Voltage and Current:

    • The power supply provides a stable output of 20VDC.
    • The maximum output current is 4A.

This versatile power supply can be used in a variety of applications, ensuring reliable power delivery to your devices.

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