Curtis Industries High Voltage Terminal Block Series SW 2PSWT


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Curtis Industries High Voltage Terminal Block Series SW 2PSWT

Simple Assembly

  • Simply insert one edge of the two or three-pole module under the flange of the track (over the track for DIN modules) and gently snap into place.

  • To remove, push center section of spring toward molding, and module will pop free

Superior Construction

  • Break-resistant nylon

  • Rated up to 50 amps/600 volts

  • Compact design – 3/8″ center-to-center terminals provide compact circuit density

  • 32 poles/foot – 192 poles/six foot length

  • No end moldings, mounting brackets, or metal mounting clamps needed


  • White fiber marking strip provides easy circuit identification

  • Available pre-assembled on track

  • Three different terminal variations

  • D Series made to mount on DIN track

Terminal Block Specs

UL Recognized
CSA Certified

Din Rail Options Available, Please Reach Our Sales Team with Questions 

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