General Electric 8000-Line Control GE Model 8000 GEH-4961 MCC 12" Fusible Motor Starter Bucket Size 1 FVNR 7.5 HP


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The GE Model 8000 GEH-4961 MCC is a top-of-the-line Motor Control Center designed by General Electric. With its 12" Fusible Motor Starter Bucket and Size 1 FVNR, this MCC is perfect for motors up to 7.5 HP. Enjoy reliable and efficient motor control with the trusted technology of GE.


  1. Model: 643X0044L01
  2. Type: FVNR (Full Voltage Non-Reversing)
  3. Horsepower Rating: 10 HP
  4. Size: Size 1
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