Heinemann GJ1-Z192-ZW 150 Amp 125VDC 1 Pole Circuit Breaker


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The Heinemann GJ1-Z192-ZW is a circuit breaker from the Heinemann GJ1P Series. Let’s dive into some details about this circuit breaker:

  1. Specifications:

    • Current Ratings: Available in a range from 100 to 1200 Amperes DC.
    • Maximum Voltages:
      • Up to 160V DC for breakers rated up to 700A.
      • 65V DC for breakers rated from 701 to 1200A.
    • Time Delay Characteristics: The GJ1P breakers have precisely tailored time delays, making them suitable for critical applications.
    • Precision Current Equalization (PCE): Breakers rated from 250 to 1200 A are built with PCE circuitry. This feature ensures even current distribution among parallel branches, minimizing nuisance tripping.
    • Hydraulic-Magnetic Mechanism: The magnetic/hydraulic load-sensing and time delay mechanisms used in GJ1P breakers are insensitive to changes in ambient or enclosure temperature. This makes them suitable for various service conditions, including telecommunications, transportation, and air conditioning equipment.
  2. Optional Low-Voltage Shunt for Current Metering:

    • An optional shunt (25 or 50 millivolt full scale) allows for current metering.
    • The shunt output is low voltage, enabling the use of light-gauge wiring from the shunt to the meter.
    • Indication can be displayed in percent, watts, safe/danger, or other dial calibrations.
  3. Busbar Options:

    • Available in two versions: Standard Size and Reduced Size.
    • Contact your Eaton Sales Representative for more information.
  4. UL Listed Models:

    • The UL listed series GJ1P (UL489) models come with a choice of fast, medium, or slow response times to accurately match load conditions.
    • Available in “series trip,” “mid-trip,” and “switch only” constructions.
    • Front- or back-mounted options with optional auxiliary switches for signaling.
  5. Applications:

    • These breakers are ideal for high-performance applications such as telecom, marine, military, and medical equipment.

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