Littelfuse Fuse Holder LHR 001 LHR Fuse Holder


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Littelfuse Fuse Holder LHR 001 LHR Fuse Holder

Used as in-line protection for fluorescent fixtures, the Littelfuse LGR and LMF series fuses and LHR holder offer increased safety and reliability to lighting systems. On a 277 volt system, a fault occurring in an un-fused fixture could take out the entire branch circuit affecting up to 100 fixtures. This could cause safety problems as well as shut down operations.

By individually fusing fixtures, these problems will be avoided. The added benefits of this is the ability to quickly identify the problem fixture and reduce the repair time.

Fuse holders are rated up to 10 amperes at 300 volts and are equipped with 7” 18 AWG leads.  and part number LHR 001 for one lead and one terminal for insertion of 18 AWG ballast lead.

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