Merlin Gerin Compact NSJ600L 600 V 600 Amp Breaker


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The Merlin Gerin Compact NSJ600L is a 600-amp, 3-pole molded case circuit breaker designed for electrical protection. Let’s break down some key details:

  1. Voltage Rating: It operates at 600 volts AC.
  2. Interrupting Ratings:
    • At 240 volts AC: 100,000 amps (RMS symmetrical).
    • At 480 volts AC: 65,000 amps (RMS symmetrical).
    • At 600 volts AC: 25,000 amps (RMS symmetrical).
  3. Functions and Characteristics:
    • Long-Time, Short-Time, and Instantaneous Functions.
    • Equipped with current sensors and electronic trip units.
    • Available trip units: STR23SP and STR53UP.

This circuit breaker is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications for reliable electrical protection. If you need to safeguard circuits handling high currents, the Merlin Gerin Compact NSJ600L is a robust choice! 

Plug In Base v32514/32515

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