Milbank U7040-XL-TG-HSP 200A 600VAC Single Phase Nema3r Meter Enclosure


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The U7040-XL-TG-HSP is a meter base manufactured by Milbank. Let’s break down its specifications:

  • Amp Rating: It is rated for 200 Amps.
  • Voltage: Designed for 600 Volts AC.
  • Jaw Configuration: It has 4 jaws.
  • Service Type: Suitable for both overhead (OH) and underground (UG) service.
  • Phase: It is a 1-phase meter base.
  • Mounting Type: Ringless design.
  • Connectors: Equipped with lug connectors.
  • Enclosure Type: NEMA 3R (outdoor-rated).
  • Material: Constructed from aluminum.
  • Additional Features: Includes a small closing plate and a triplex ground.

This meter base is commonly used in residential applications and is approved by numerous utilities across the United States and globally.

** Please See Variants Below **

*** New: Open Box 11" X 14 5/8" ***

** Used: 11" X 14 5/8"**

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