Murray LC1224L1125 125 Amp Main Lug Indoor 12 Spaces/24 Circuits 1 Phase 3 Wire 120/240V

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Murray LC1224L1125 125 Amp Main Lug, Indoor, 12 Spaces/24 Circuits, 1 Phase 3 Wire, 120/240V

The Murray LC1224L1125 125 Amp Main Lug is a reliable and versatile indoor distribution panel, providing 12 spaces and 24 circuits in 1 phase 3-wire design compatible with 120/240V. It offers safe and efficient power distribution, making it a great choice for residential or commercial applications. 

  • Murray LC1224L1125 is equivalent to Siemens SN1224L1125
  • New split neutral insulated bars
  • Dimensions -  14" W x 18" H x 4" D
  • Single phase, 125 Amp main lug load center with 12-spaces/24-circuits
  • Swiss cheese style neutral bars provide multiple 1/0 connection points
  • Aluminum bus bar
  • All units include factory installed ground bar and isolated neutral
  • With the use of the included bonding strap, ground bars and neutral bars can be bonded for service entrance applications
  • Outboard neutral and ground bars allow for all neutral and ground connections to be located away from breaker connections, making for a neat, clean installation
  • Mounting tabs on the trim hold it in place on the load center, freeing up both hands to drive the trim screws
  • Combination head screw on trim and upper pan screws provide installation flexibility
  • All devices are convertible from main lug to main breaker or vice versa with the addition of main breaker or main lug kits
  • All main breakers are straight in wired no back feeding required
  • A rigid, sturdy base pan with metal hook rails provides the most rugged breaker connection in the industry
  • All indoor rock-solid load centers are invertible for bottom feed applications
  • For use with service or non-service entrance applications
  • Use with residential / commerical metering equipment applications

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