Square D B17.5 Overload Heater Relay Thermal Unit type B

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Square D B17.5 Overload Heater Relay Thermal Unit type B


B17.5 - Square D Overload Heater

Specifications :
• Manufacturer : Square D
• Cat. No. : B17.5
• Alternate Part No. : B175
• Product Type : Thermal Overload Heater
• UPC : 785901587521
• Type : Thermal - Melting Alloy Thermal Unit
• Reset Type : Manual
• Full Load Current Range : Dependant on overload relay
• Application : For use in thermal overload relays
• Full Load Amps : 10.5 to 13.9 Amp
• Sensing Method : Melting Alloy
• Trip Type : Standard Trip
• Motor Fla 10 To 14.3 Ampere (1 Thermal Unit) 10.7 To 14.2 Ampere (2 Thermal Unit)      9.53 To 13.5 Ampere (3 Thermal Unit)
• 1 Nema Size
• Plug In Mounting
• Used On Type Dpsg-12/Dpsg-13/Dpso-12/Dpso-13 20 Ampere Dpsg-42/Dpsg-43 40    Ampere Dpsg-52/Dpsg-53/Dpso-52/Dpso-53 50 Ampere Starter
• Authentic Square D Product.


Square D B17.5 Thermal Unit type B is designed for use with overload relays. This overload relay is designed to function reliably and efficiently, providing a robust and accurate way to protect electric motors from short circuits, overloads, and other hazards. With a temperature control range of -20 to 140°C, it is an ideal choice for industrial applications.

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