Square D MHF3645025DC 3 Pole 450A 600VAC Molded Case Circuit Interrupter Type MHF Circuit Breaker


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The MHF36450 is a circuit breaker from the PowerPacT M series by Schneider Electric. Let’s break down its specifications:

  • Current Rating: It can handle 450A of current.
  • Poles: It has 3 poles.
  • Voltage Rating: The circuit breaker operates at 600VAC.
  • Interrupting Rating: It can interrupt a fault current of 18kA at 600VAC.
  • Continuous Current Rating: It’s designed for 80% continuous current.
  • Trip Unit: The electronic trip unit is ET 1.0.
  • Mounting Options: You can mount it as a unit mount or in I-Line construction.
  • Busbar Connection: This unit has a busbar connection.
  • Standards Compliance: It complies with UL, CSA, NOM, and IEC standards and is CE marked.

In simpler terms, the MGF36450 is a robust circuit breaker that protects electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. Whether you’re dealing with industrial machinery or commercial installations, this breaker has you covered!

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