Square D NQO-02237-682 120/208VAC, 3Ph/4 Wire, 42 Circuit, 225A Max, Type NQO Panelboard with Enclosure WH50BE


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The Square D NQO-02237-682 is a lighting panelboard from the NQOD series. Let’s break down its specifications:

  1. Voltage: It operates at 120/208VAC.
  2. Phase/Wire Configuration: This panelboard is designed for 3-phase, 4-wire systems.
  3. Circuit Capacity: It provides 42 circuits for electrical distribution.
  4. Maximum Current Rating: The maximum current it can handle is 225A.

The NQOD Lighting Panelboards are part of the Square D QO Legacy and are known for their reliable performance in 240V maximum systems. These panelboards are commonly used for lighting and power distribution in commercial and industrial settings.

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