Westinghouse SPB POW-R Trip SPB POW-R Trip 7 Automatic Trip Relay SPBATR02B


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The SPB Pow-R Trip Relay SPBATR02B is an essential component used with Type SPB Systems Pow-R Breakers. 
  1. Purpose and Function:
    • The Automatic Trip Relay (ATR) is a remote-mounted accessory designed to be used with Type SPB breakers.
    • It plays a crucial role in the protection and control of the breaker.
    • The ATR is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) as a circuit breaker accessory.
  2. Compatibility:
    • The SPBATR02B is specifically designed for use with the following SPB breakers:
      • SPB 50 (400 – 800 A)
      • SPB 65 (1200 A)
      • SPB 100 (400 – 1200 A)
      • SPB 65 and 100 (1600 A, 2000 CA)
      • SPB 150 (400 – 2000 CA)
      • SPB 100/150 (2500 – 5000 A)
  3. Components and Accessories:
    • The SPBATR02B is part of a comprehensive system. Some related components include:
      • Digitrip RMS Trip Units: These AC devices provide protection and monitoring features for the breaker.
      • Shunt Trip Assembly: Used for remote tripping of the breaker.
      • Undervoltage Release Kit: Ensures proper operation during low voltage conditions.
      • Secondary Connectors: Essential for electrical connections.
      • Plate Assembly, T-Connectors, and Pressure Terminals: Additional accessories

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